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The Signature Appetizer Challenge

The Perks: Cardholders will receive half-price signature appetizers* at over fifteen local restaurants and vote for the winner of our 2020 Signature Appetizer Challenge

The Period: October 2020

The Price: $10/card

The Prize: BUILD Peoria's Signature Appetizer Challenge Trophy

The Purpose: 100% of funds received from card sales will benefit our 2020 BUILD: Donovan Sculpture Garden

The Participants

Blue Duck Barbecue Tavern**      Industry Brewing Co.                  Slow Hand Craft BBQ

Broadway Lounge                         Mack's                                          The Fieldhouse

Dac's Smokehouse BBQ              MD's Sports Bar and Grill           The Publik House

Hacienda el Mirador                     Olympia Sports Bar & Grill         Untamed Chef        Hearth                                            Paparazzi                                     W.E. Sullivan's


*$10 minimum purchase

**2020 Signature Appetizer Challenge Winner - thanks to all of our participating restaurants!

Paparazzi_Donovan Sculpture - Gorgonzola
Olive Appetizer
Fish Appetizer
Vegetarian Appetizer
Hearth_Crab cakes
Industry_Pretzel and HH Beer Cheese
Publik_Bacon and Blue Fries
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