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BUILD Peoria project ideas are thoughtfully considered as to whether they are financially feasible, able to be completed within the designated build window, and can be maintained by a governing body at the completion of the build.


Voting open through April 30, 2024


An oasis for healing and remembrance, the Overdose Memorial Garden will provide the community with a physical space meant to honor the lives lost to substance use and the overdose crisis while providing solace and healing for their loved ones. Lush flower beds and greenery will guide visitors through various elements of the Garden as they move through their own reflective journey. At the heart of the Garden stands a beautiful gazebo, symbolizing shelter and hope amidst adversity. In response to the community-wide impacts of the opioid epidemic, the Garden aims to raise awareness and destigmatize addiction while offering support and resources for those struggling with the impacts of problematic substance use.


The 2024-2025 project idea: Partner with JOLT Harm Reduction to build an Overdose Memorial Garden.


Let’s BUILD a place to heal as a community.

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