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Long-Time Philanthropist and New Peoria Resident On Joining Build Peoria

This post was written by Build Peoria Board Member Darlene Violet.

I moved to Peoria two years ago to be closer to my daughter and granddaughters. My daughter told me about this new non-profit in the area called Build Peoria. She said its’ mission was to make the Peoria area better one project at a time, and that the Peoria residents got to make suggestions on what the project would be each year. I loved the concept and agreed to join and help however I could.

I have always liked to join organizations that give power to the group it serves, in this case, all of Peoria. Everyone can make suggestions on projects they think will make Peoria better. By becoming a member of Build Peoria, they can also vote on the idea they like the best. Build Peoria is designed to serve this community and help make it a better place to live, work, and raise a family. This makes me think of the 1960’s phrase "Power to the People!" (Yes, I am the oldest member of the board).

To fund the chosen project, of course, requires funds to be raised. Our Chili Cook-Off is in September and this year we have a brand new fundraiser, a Corporate Kick Ball tournament in June. We could always use helping hands and donations for each event.

If you want to help better the Peoria area, join us! We are open to everyone’s ideas on how to improve Peoria and leave a legacy for future generations. By agreeing to join Build Peoria and its mission, I have met many dedicated, optimistic, and talented individuals. Come and join us, you will be welcomed. Please help us improve Peoria one project at a time.


BUILD PEORIA is a 501c3 registered non-profit whose goal is to unite the community through their love of the Peoria area to physically BUILD PEORIA into a better place and leave a LEGACY for future generations. 

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