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Duryea Dog Park Update - Feb 2023

Hi BUILD Peoria followers! We just wanted to take a minute to start a new series called "BP Briefs." No, not underwear! We will take a few minutes each month to bring you an update from each of our projects. It may be photos, might be a story with guests, it might even have a secret word for a free drink at the next bar takeover in it ;) Regardless, stay tuned for our new series called BP Briefs!

Duryea Dog Park was our first project that we did as BUILD Peoria. We were so excited to see it happen and happen so quickly! The Village of Peoria Heights was an amazing partner and Mayor Phelan helped us immensely. We are proud to say that the park still looks the same, 5 years after completion! See a few of the pics from Bryant and Charlie and Bindi's latest trips to the park :)

For those wondering where it is, it is in Peoria Heights at 1001 E Duryea Ave, just West of Prospect. Come check it out!

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