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BP is thriving heading into 2021!

Wow! What a year! To say we are thankful for what we have built in the last 3 years would be an understatement! To think that 3 and a half years ago, this organization was an IDEA would trivialize the hundreds of thousands of dollars we have raised! Reflecting back on the things we are thankful for is crucial to how our organization will become better in 2021.

What are we thankful for? YOU! You made what we do possible. You donate your time, your energy and your money to give what you can to BUILD Peoria. If you are ever interested in donating anything to us, we welcome you with open arms.

What else are we thankful for? Mid Illinois Companies! If it were not for the folks hard at work on our last two projects, we would not be here right now. Bobby and Dennis were essential to what we accomplished in 2020 and we owe them everything.

What else are we thankful for? Otto Baum Company! They were able to drop everything and help lay the pads for our 2021 project IN 2020. They also have worked hard with Donovan Sculpture Garden to donate their time, effort and money to make the Sculpture Garden possible.

We look forward to seeing what we can all do in 2021! We challenge each of you to sit back for 2 minutes and think about what you are thankful for in 2020. Then, take 2 minutes to figure out what good you can do today, tomorrow and the future to BUILD Peoria into a better place. Thanks to all for reading and keep up the great work in 2021!

Nick A Yates President BUILD Peoria

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