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2024/25 Project Nomination

BUILD Peoria will be accepting nominations for our 2024/25 Project through February 29, 2024. Please complete the nomination form at the bottom of this page, considering the required criteria: (1) Budget, (2) Timeline, and (3) Sustainability. 

Group Planting a Tree


BUILD Peoria fundraises and solicits in-kind donations to keep our projects within budget. Do research on your project budget!

Your project should cost up to $50,000. 


BUILD Peoria is proud to have completed six community projects with the seventh, The Christian Center baseball field improvements, scheduled for build in early 2024.

Your project should be completed within 1 year.

Sanding Machine
Volunteers Packing Food


BUILD Peoria couldn't maintain our great community projects without the help of several community partners who assume project upkeep.

Your project should identify a governing body that would "take the keys" to the project after it is built. 

Submit your 2024/25 Project

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