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2022 Project Nomination

BUILD Peoria will be accepting nominations for our 2022-23 Project through March 31, 2022. Please complete the nomination form at the bottom of this page, considering the required criteria: (1) Budget, (2) Timeline, and (3) Sustainability. 

Group Planting a Tree


BUILD Peoria fundraises and solicits in-kind donations to keep our projects within budget. Do research on your project budget! Your project should cost up to $50,000. 


BUILD Peoria is proud to have completed four community projects with the fifth, POTENT Gratitude Park, scheduled for build in 2022. Your project should be completed within 1 year.

Sanding Machine
Volunteers Packing Food


BUILD Peoria couldn't maintain our great community projects without the help of several community partners who assume project upkeep. Your project should identify a governing body that would "take the keys" to the project after it is built. 

Submit your 2022-23 Project